4 Reasons to Use a Battery Paint Sprayer


Are you one of those who watch DIY videos to paint small areas on the wall or your garage? If yes, you may already know the importance of paint sprayers. They not only help to paint a large area but also offers smooth, even coating all around. These sprayers are more efficient and precise compared to conventional sprayers. But before you invest in a paint sprayer, you should know that there are two variants: corded and cordless. It’s best if you go battery paint sprayers. Here’s why:

what is a battery paint sprayer

1. Speed

Corded paint sprayers come with a limited reach. For example, if you want to color the corner of your ceiling where two moldings meet, you may not be able to reach it with a corded sprayer.

You may have to arrange for extension cords to use the device. This eventually delays the time within which you should have completed your work.

Instead, you can use a battery paint sprayer that doesn’t involve any cords. All you need to do is fill its container with your desired color and off you go on your ladder to paint the wall.

2. Flexibility

You can use a battery paint sprayer anywhere you want as long as the container has color. Suppose you need to paint a small portion of the attic and there’s no nearby plug point.

What do you do? Would you prefer using a corded paint sprayer?

A battery paint sprayer is handier in this case. And not just for confined spaces, you can take your battery paint sprayer anywhere. If you need to paint a few spots on the outside of your house or the garage, take the battery paint sprayer with you instead of relying on corded sprayers.

3. Incredible pressure

One of the factors that determine the quality of any paint sprayer is its maximum pressure.

A battery paint sprayer can go up to 2000 PSI. This is almost similar to the pressure that the professional paint spraying machines have.

Most of the battery paint sprayers come with two 20-volt batteries that last long enough to complete your painting job.

Since these sprayers have incredible pressure, they are able to push the color out of the chamber with more intensity. This helps to cover a larger area within a short period.

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4. Lightweight

Battery paint sprayers are lightweight compared to the corded alternatives. Since you also need to carry the weight of the paint, the sprayer doesn’t make it difficult for you to operate the device while painting.

You may need to maneuver the sprayer in tight angles. In such scenarios, a heavy sprayer may not help paint the areas you aim at. Lightweight battery paint sprayers prevent your arm from aching if you work for long hours.

Overall, a battery paint sprayer is a practical choice for anyone who wants to buy a paint sprayer for DIY projects. You don’t need to spend a fortune on one of these devices and they work almost at the level of high-end paint sprayers that professionals use.