Roland FP 30 Piano Review: Everything You Need to Know



One of the most talked-about digital pianos in recent times is Roland FP-30. Roland, known throughout the world as one of the best producers of pianos, has once again taken the world by storm through the FP-30.

If you’re either a new or seasoned piano player, there are lots of fantastic features for you to enjoy when playing this piano. Through analyzing many Roland FP-30 piano reviews, here are some of the main things you need to know about this instrument.

roland fp 30 review


Roland FP 30 Review

1. Rich and Responsive Sound

Roland’s unique and rich sound is one of the main reasons why it dominates the digital piano market. When it comes to the FP-30, Roland implements leading sound engines to produce some of the best digital piano tones available.


Many comparisons to other popular digital pianos show that the FP-30 is still the best in terms of tone dynamics and sound richness. Hence, whether if you’re a performer or a casual piano player, you’ll notice a big difference in how your piano sounds through this magnificent instrument.


2. Robust Amplifier for Powerful Speakers

The amazing sound Roland is known for stretches beyond the sound engines used internally within their pianos, with their speakers also featuring powerful dynamics. The FP-30 has built a reputation amongst casual piano players as having one of the best speakers available on portable digital pianos.


The rich sound of the FP-30 is primarily due to the robust amplifiers in place, producing dynamics that were thought impossible at one point. If you want to enjoy the music your piano produces to the highest standard, the FB-30 is definitely the right choice.


3. Mobile and Lightweight

Not only is the Roland FP-30 great at producing high-quality sounds, but it’s also tremendously portable and easy to set up. The FP-30 can be taken anywhere, as it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space.


The piano is a favorite amongst many traveling musicians, as they require something small and lightweight for their touring schedules. Whether you’re playing at local festivals or at home, having a digital piano that’s easy to move around is always a positive.


4. Bluetooth and Other Connectivity Features

The highly portable nature of the FP-30 fits perfectly with the fact that it has a tremendous amount of connectivity features, especially for Bluetooth.


The Bluetooth features on the piano make it easier than ever to connect your smartphone and other digital devices to the piano for increased functionality.


Plenty of users of the piano like to connect music apps and composing on software to further increase their creative output.


5. Stylish Black or White Finish

The fantastic suite of features seen on the FB-30 is matched with a stylish design. The amazing sound of the piano is perfectly paired with a great modern design.


Many owners of the piano found it to be the most aesthetically pleasing option in comparison to many other brands and manufacturers making pianos at a similar price range. The cool design of the Roland FB-30 is available in a sleek black or white finish.