5 Tips For Cleaning And Caring Your Hardwood Floors


Few things can have a value-adding impact in a home or office as hardwood floors. The depth and richness of this type of flooring surpass that of standing carpeting or even concrete floors. It exudes unparalleled elegance and warmth that make this wooden flooring worth the investment.

And gives the costs, the best thing you can do is to clean the hardwood floors and care for your hardwood floors in the right way. Below are five cleaning and care tips you can use.

clean and care hardwood floors

1. Prevent Damage

Dirt and grit are an inevitable problem for any flooring because they are tracking inside by people as they go in and out of the home. And when left and trampled on the floor, they act like sandpaper, grinding on the flooring’s finish eroding its shine.

You can minimize this damage by trapping much of the dirt and grit at the entrance point. Place a doormat where people can wipe their shoes before entering. Moreover, you can place a few rugs and carpet runners along the entryway.

Since it is uncommon for people to be asked to remove their shoes when entering certain places like the office than the home. In the case of your home, you can request guests to remove their shoes and offer them slippers or soft-soled shoes to wear indoors.

Use furniture pads, placing them on their legs to keep them from scratching the surface, even though some scratches are somewhat unavoidable.

Also, act immediately whenever a spill occurs. Water can damage the wood if left to soak in; it might cause it to fade and begin rotting.

Avoid mopping using the conventional wet mop when cleaning up spills; instead, use a dry floor mop. Also, limit any direct sunlight hitting the hardwood by keeping the window blinds or sheers closed during the day hours.


2. Dust Sweep

Dust weeping for hardwood floors should be a daily thing. It helps get rid of the dirt and keeps the flooring looking its best. Use a soft-bristled, high-quality broom or brush to prevent the bristles from being ground into any cracks and crevices. Always brush along the wooden panels for the best results.


3. Rethink Mopping

People are quick to grab the mop whenever they spill something on their floors. But the traditional wet mop can damage your treasured investment.

Instead, use a disposable electrostatic floor cloth or dust mop when getting ride of spills, dust in crevices, or pet hairs. It will help preserve the flooring’s elegance.

For increased shine, apply a non-waxy cleaner on the mop or cloth and spread it evenly over the hardwood surface. Avoid using bleach, oil soaps, polish, wax-based detergents, and products that have ammonia or other hard ingredients.

how to clean hardwood floors

4. Vacuum

For a more concise dusting, use the bare floor setting on your vacuum. Do this only if your vacuum has this setting. It keeps the appliance’s beater bar from spinning when vacuuming and causing significant damage to your wooden floor.

When working the deep, hard-to-reach corners, use a soft-bristled brush attached to the vacuum hose.


5. Deep Clean

Deeping cleaning is essential but should be done once a year, at least. When doing this, use the recommended wood cleaning product.

Apply it on a string mop, floor cloth, or sponge, making sure that you follow the manufacturer’s dilution instructions. You must keep the room adequately ventilated so that the flooring dries quickly.

However, the best thing to do for your investment is to allow professionals to handle deep cleaning. You can supplement your hardwood floor cleaning and care efforts with those of an expert, at least once or twice in a year.

how to care for hardwood floors