What To Look For In The Best Steam Cleaner For Furniture Items?


Steam cleaners are among the most effective and useful tools in a household. They use nothing but water to clean and disinfect virtually anything around the house. The fact that they work with water doesn’t make them less effective. On the contrary, the hot steam jet has a tremendous power to dismantle dirt and grime and to kill germs, dust mites and other known allergens.

best steam cleaner for furniture

If you’re interested in a steam cleaner to use on your furniture, you should know what to look for in the best steam cleaner for furniture. Not all steamers are similar. Steam mops, for instance, are best for cleaning your floors and flat surfaces, but not great for cleaning all the nooks and crannies of an antique furniture item.

The ideal steam cleaner for furniture should be able to clean multiple surfaces. This will allow you to use it on couches, upholstery, and furniture. Some steam cleaners come with multiple heads. You can choose the right head for the type of job you need, so you can use your steamer for all household cleaning purposes, furniture included.

The best steam cleaner for furniture should also be able to remove stubborn stains and difficult dirt and grime. Sometimes, wood furniture collects a lot of dust that hardens and turns into grime. The best steamer has to remove this dirt without damaging the wood or the polish of the surface. This is why you need to read the user manual with the greatest possible care, in order to see whether the steam cleaner you intend to buy suits this furniture cleaning purpose.

getting the best steam cleaner for furniture

As you’ll need to hold the steamer to clean the sofa and other furniture, you should make sure you buy a device that as lightweight as possible. It also needs to be portable, in order for you to carry it from one room to the next with ease. You shouldn’t turn the cleaning your house into a fitness or weightlifting session. Besides, if you suffer from back pain or you aren’t strong enough, you may not be able to handle a massive or very heavy steam cleaner. Handheld ones are definitely the best.

The ease of setup is another thing to look for when shopping around for the best steam cleaner for furniture. Other features that could influence your experience and your level of satisfaction with the steamer are the attachment quality, the volume of the water tank, and the steam temperature.

portable steam cleaner for furniture

Although you should use only water to clean your furniture, you may want to buy a steamer that also works with liquid detergents and disinfectant solutions. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so try to buy a versatile steamer to use not only on furniture but also on various household appliances, window treatments, windowsills, as well as anywhere else you may need inside your house.

Furthermore, avoid purchasing the first steam cleaner you come across. Always compare at least three models, in order to make sure you’re going to get the best value for your money.


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